UDA Data Analysis & SCP Console

The explosion of unmanaged and IoT devices continues to be a critical challenge for every organization, leading a plight that such raw data growing exponentially is too large and complex to be analyzed. An analysis approach is deployed to clearly classify and present system via charts, helping administrators discover anomalous behavior and threats.


When there are cross-country or cross-region branches in a large international enterprise, the failure in synchronization of local consoles and devices allowlists result in obstacles of Internet connection for cross-region business traveling, and workloads of network administrators. Also, permitting subsidiary triggers potential risk and unavoidable management costs. Therefore, we need to set up SCP architecture to synchronize the allowlist information.

Streamline workflow with information chart analysis
Integrating with data analysis software Tableau, UDA is able to aggregate, classify and analyze a large volume of data, and present an easy-to-use visual information chart dashboard.
Provide user-definded report for industry certification
Generate data analysis report including a total of 55 types of charts and 198 Intranet security statistical analysis items to meet the specific requirement of your industry and compliance certification.
Centralize Intranet security management
Supporting cross-country or cross-regional large enterprises with more than 5,000 sets of IP/MAC, SCP console enables administrators to streamline management and the workflow. Sub-console’s allowlist is synchronized with SCP console in real-time, and sub-console’s synchronized update on SCP console is optional. Provide improved productivity, insights and security framework.
Enhance convenience of cross-regional access management
Addressing the issue of cross-regional business traveling, the allowlist can be synchronized continuously between SCP console and sub-console without repeated operation. The system monitors the real-time state of every subjected console, and this eliminates the risk of disconnection incidents.
UPAS Data Analysis
Integrate with internationally renowned data analysis software-Tableau, the UDA module has built-in 99 types of reports with a total of 198 intranet statistical and analysis items. UDA module provides the most complete information security report function in the industry, assists managers to visually analyze intranet data from multiple angles, and various trend statistical charts make it easy for managers to formulate security policies. Users can customize the contents of the reports, based on different industries, management needs, or regulatory audit requirements by using the UDA module, to pass ISO27001, financial regulation audits easily.
SCP Console
By deploying SCP at the HQ, corporate with more than 5000 IP/MAC can easily establish cross-border and cross-regional management. With three-layer architecture, which is SCP console/sub-Console/Sensor, SCP module can unify the management of other areas, prevent the connection error of sub-Consoles, and can check the intranet status in real-time, integrate the intranet data to assist the managers in analyzing the trend of local events and managing security policies. It can also instantly synchronize allowlist devices information and business-trip allowlist to every sub-Consoles, simplifying the authority management of travelers and maintaining global synchronization updates.