UPAS NOC is a set of endpoint management system providing network access control (NAC) along with the functions of IP address management (IPAM), identity and access management (IAM), IT assets management (ITAM) and mobile device management (MDM). It can prevent unauthorized and non-compliant devices from using the enterprise network. The customized solution consists of 14 optional modules depending on your need.
NAC Network Access Control
UPAS NAC is capable of collecting IP/MAC data, enforcing security policies, automatically blocking non-compliant devices from connecting, identifying IP entity location and quickly locating the device which is not updated and remediated.
ITAM IT Asset Management
UPAS ITAM can identify and monitor every device continuously with deep and detailed information. The system automates the identification and remediation of application installation with a real-time application list.
MDM Mobile Device Management
Combining network access control technology, when mobile devices enter the network, they perform compliance checks and identity recognition, and then apply control policies based on group settings to help companies and governments protect information security, and provide management tools.
IAM Identity & Access Management
It requires all devices login AD accounts and integrates AD account with IP/MAC, Computer name, and information of other accounts. It can also identify and verify the compliance of vsitors and BYOD, and provides exhaustive device information.
802.1X free, quick incorporation, and easy maintenance
Optional installation of Agent for flexible adaptation of your environment
It can be interfaced with multiple systems while identifying multiple connection devices
Built-in abnormality risk management and system protection mechanism
It is equipped with Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS cross-platform integration capability
High ease of use and automated management design to greatly improve working efficiency
Taipei Hospital: Implement IP management in the intranet to stabilize the quality of medical services
In the 10-year stable cooperation, UPAS strengthened IP/MAC management and host identification for the Ministry of Taipei Hospital, improved the stability of the medical system, and established reliable audit data for personal information protection.
September 30, 20
Strong Defense Against Non-compliant Device Access

It is equipped with the blocking capability against macOS, Win10+360, Win10+ static IP, and Huawei and Mi hand-held devices.

High Data Integrity and Device Identification Rate

It can completely identify 30 types of devices and record IP, MAC, device name, NIC brand, work group, device attributes, operating system, switch port, and AD using account.

Automate Identification and Enforce Security Policies

It ensures your organization to be secure, compliant and high performance by these actions like enforcing security policy upon connection - automatic illuminating blind spots, adding compliant device to allowlist, remediating or blocking non-compliant device, applying group policy to the device as your need, and detecting link port of each switch.

Reinforce Intranet Security Near Completion

After introduction, it can ensure AD connection rate, WSUS connection rate, OS patch update rate, antivirus installation rate, virus signature update rate, and application software installation rate to be greater than 98%.

Strong Access Permission Control Capability

Is is able to restrict availability of device connection to intranet and internet according to the security policy, also allow non-compliant device only to be connected to specific host.

Built-in Risk Management and System Protection Mechanism

In case of abnormal situation, the system operation will be suspended without affecting the entire network. The system protection mechanism is capable of detecting human and non-human abnormalities and automatic switching of monitoring modes to avoid mis-blocking.

Operate and Maintain with Ease

No restriction of network equipment brand or model number. An approach without requiring proxy program or 802.1X won’t disrupt your business and service, also providing you a less-maintenance solution.

Streamline Management with Information Chart Analysis

Real-time information including devices’ configuration, compliance state and all non-compliant behavior events of IP-connected devices can be aggregated and analyzed via a visual information chart dashboard.


UPAS Intranet Security Management system can be based on hierarchical architecture, which can be divided into Console system management platform and Sensor system detector. Each Sensor can conduct real-time monitoring of Intranet via connection to Core Switch, and administrators are able to unify the security policy by Console interface.



Small Organizations (under 5,000 people)

For an enterprise with less than 5,000 employees and operating only in one country or one region, one sensor can be installed in each network environment (the headquarters plus branches), and then centralized management can be conducted directly through the console at the headquarters.



Large Organizations (over 5,000 people)

For a large, multinational or cross-regional enterprise with more than 5,000 employees, in addition to one sensor for each network environment, a sub-console also needs to be installed in each region, and then centralized management can be conducted through the console at the headquarters.