NAC Network Access Control
The NAC system of UPAS uses the ARP patented package resolution technology to realize Agent-less data collection, device identification and highly-intensified access control, and realize 100% asset inventory, including IP/MAC management and network access control.
ITAM IT Asset Management
Asset management and security monitoring by automatically scanning endpoint devices, collecting software and system details, and integrating vulnerability databases for automated identification and patching of system vulnerabilities.
IAM Identity Authentication Management
Through binding AD accounts and computers, forbidden local login, forbidden unauthorized domain exit, etc., UPAS forces all computers to follow companies’ security policies and use specific AD accounts for logging in specific PC, integrates AD information and device information, and provides account use records.
IPAM IP Address Management
IPAM can automatically identify device attributes, show IP/MAC information, has the function of multiple binding of IP/MAC/DHCP section/computer name/hardware fingerprint (UUID) for all accessed devices to realize IP protection, IP retention, IP reclamation, and prevent IP conflict and MAC simulation, etc.
Mobile Device Management
By combining the network access control technology, MDM sets application regulation policies by group after compliance inspection and identity authentication when mobile devices are connecting to an organization network to strictly protect organizational information security.