NAC & IPAM Network Access Control and IP Address Management
UPAS NAC is able to manage a wide range of devices and endpoints for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS. It is capable of collecting IP/MAC data, enforcing security policies, automatically blocking non-compliant devices from connecting, identifying IP entity location, quickly locating the device which is not updated and remediated, and creating a complete IP usage record.
ITAM IT Asset Management
UPAS ITAM can identify and monitor every device continuously with deep and detailed information. The system automates the identification and remediation of application installation with a real-time application list.
MDM Mobile Device Management
Combining network access control technology, when mobile devices enter the network, they perform compliance checks and identity recognition, and then apply control policies based on group settings to help companies and governments protect information security, and provide management tools.
IAM Identity & Access Management
It requires all devices login AD accounts and integrates AD account with IP/MAC, Computer name, and information of other accounts. It can also identify and verify the compliance of visitors and BYOD, and provides exhaustive device information.
UDA Data Analysis & SCP Console
UDA combined with the data analysis software-Tableau, can customize a variety of reports that meet the requirements of ISO 27001, which facilitates inspections and makes intranet data clear at a glance. SCP allows large users to manage the global UPAS system, synchronize whitelists, and integrate intranet data online.