Government Agency
Usually, when an organization needs to improve its network security architecture, it must start with gaining the visibility across networks and complete asset inventory and establish a complete network process for outsourced access. High-risk dumb terminals and external equipment of vendors that are not under management are vulnerabilities in which many hackers have penetrated in recent years; availability is also an important issue, and inventory must be performed without interrupting services.
Medical institutions
Recent information security incidents faced by medical institutions mainly include unauthorized access, interruption of network connections, system crashes, and malware infections. It is necessary to understand the medical intranet structure, implement isolation domains, and control software and hardware account information to build a basic information security protection system.
The data security of banks and other financial institutions is critical to customers’ property. Slight internal management may affect the operation of the system and cause losses to both parties. Coupled with increasingly stringent personal data protection regulations, financial institutions comply with higher standards of information security standards are imperative. Provide the following key solutions: Network Resource Access Control, Network Activity Logs and Data Trail, and Identity Management and Data Access.
In recent years, rampant ransomware and internal data theft incidents have gradually become challenges for business operations. Security lines of internal and external networks must be established to prevent huge business losses and leakage of confidential data, and the protection network will not cause service interruption and can adapt to offices, factory area.