How to place an order with UPAS and what is the process?

The UPAS business unit will evaluate the demand and submit the quotation to the customer, and start the testing (POC) according to your environment. If the evaluation result meets the requirement, the contract will be signed and the shipment will be made to the customer.

What is the management architecture of UPAS?

UPAS has a hierarchical structure. The UPAS console is connected with the core switch, each sensor monitors its own Intranet in real time, and the management staff uses the console interface for operation and management. If there is transnational and cross-regional management, the SCP console can be used to centrally control regional consoles for management.

Is it necessary to purchase new network equipment when using the UPAS system?

The UPAS system does not restrict the brand model and specification of network equipment. It is easy to set up, does not need to change the network equipment frequently, and will not affect the daily operation and maintenance.

Does the UPAS system need the installation of an agent on the customer end?

UPAS is an agentless system. The installation of an agent can be flexibly decided and advanced management capabilities can be added according to customer functions. The agent installation rate of the terminal equipment does not affect the security of intranet management and the normal operation of end users.

Does the UPAS system support other languages?

It supports multiple languages: traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, English and Japanese.

What is the impact in case of UPAS system failure?

If the system stops its operation due to an abnormal condition, it will automatically bypass it and the whole network will not be affected. The built-in security mechanism of the system can detect human and non-human anomalies, and automatically switch to the monitoring mode to avoid erroneous blocking.

Does the UPAS system which collects all intranet data have an analysis function?

UPAS has various built-in information reports, and integrates the data analysis software Tableau to provide customized report output according to different management and customer needs.

Is there a UPAS hardware requirement example?

The UPAS system is designed as a low-burden system. The hardware requirements will be set according to the customer environment (number of IPs), and then UPAS will provide a list of hardware requirements.

What is the operation method of the UPAS system?

Please visit the link to download. See the UPAS operation manual for details.

How to install the UPAS system?

Please visit the link to download. See the UPAS operation manual for details.