MDM Mobile Device Management

The proliferation of tablets, smart phones and other devices shows that the network environment is more complicated than in the past, the openness of the mobile device system, the convenience of application development, and the rapid development of application technology, if there is no corresponding information security process Mobile devices will be exposed to high risks, and the ever-changing mobile environment must be equally emphasized in the information security strategy.


UPAS MDM combines network access control technology to perform compliance checks and identity identification when mobile devices enter the network, and then apply control policies based on group settings to help companies and governments protect information security, and provide management tools.

Android / iOS dual system support
It supports dual systems for mobile devices. It is installed and applied to the device to implement corporate security management policies. The control range can be set flexibly, and the control can be automatically released after leaving the range.
Mobile device identification
Collect device information such as IP/MAC/account/phone model/OS detailed version/manufacturer/roaming status/last connection time to help administrators obtain information for management, and improve intranet visibility and security policy implementation effectiveness.
Easily apply security policy to customize group
Administrators can formulate policies based on field groups, which are divided into device control and remote control. Device control items include Wi-Fi connection settings, camera disablement, unlock password strength settings, and screenshot disable settings. It can be remotely controlled through the management interface Control device lock screen, uninstall agent, initialize settings, clear unlock password, set unlock password, mute ringing and send messages.